The Veterans Choice Program Benefits

The Veterans Choice Program Benefits

When you call to authorize your Choice Card for services (1-866-606-8198), a representative will verify your eligibility and confirm if you qualify to receive benefits. Please refer to the eligibility requirements if you have questions.

When contacting us to receive authorization for your care, please be ready to provide your name, address, the ID number on your Choice Card and reasons you believe the eligibility criteria apply to you. If you have lost or misplaced your card, please visit our Replacement Card page for information on obtaining a new card.

A representative will help you verify eligibility for the Veterans Choice Program and facilitate the processes of helping find available physicians, making appointments, explaining other insurance requirements and ensuring the seamless flow of medical records.

TriWest will:

NOTE: You have the option of seeing a physician of your choice but TriWest would need to first confirm that physician's willingness to participate in the Veterans Choice Program.