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VA Launches “Buddy Check Week” for Veterans to Contact Service Peers

PHOENIX (October 2, 2023) — The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced it will dedicate the week of Oct. 16-20 as “Buddy Check Week,” a nationwide call for Veterans to reaffirm their bonds and the connections that unite them. VA is launching Buddy Check Week in support of The STRONG Veterans Act of 2022, providing Veterans an opportunity to organize and facilitate connections, outreach and education for peer wellness, crisis prevention, and community.

In advance of Buddy Check Week, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is offering training for Veterans to reach out to their service peers through a range of resources. VHA is also providing information and resources on how to support Veterans who may be isolated and at-risk. The VA tools and resources provided are to help Veterans connect to benefits they have earned, to foster community, and to help take the first steps in getting support when needed.

VA is requesting that Veterans pledge to check in with up to 10 of their service peers during Buddy Check Week. The goal is to ensure that no Veteran is left to navigate life challenges alone.

The VA S.A.V.E. website offers initial training resources for Veterans and others to reach out and provide support where needed.

To learn more about Buddy Check Week, read this new VA News item spotlighting the week-long campaign.