New ‘Inspiring Stories’ Video Addresses the Unpredictable Nature of Trauma

PHOENIX (July 11, 2023) — Trauma is a diagnosed psychological condition that knows no bias or boundaries. It is usually triggered by an event out of a person’s control and can leave lasting affects if not recognized and addressed.

Traumatic events can happen to anyone at any time, according to the American Psychological Association. Bart Blaylock, TriWest Regional Director, a registered nurse, experienced trauma while assisting in the delivery room during his son’s difficult birth.

Experiences are real, he emphasizes, and any trauma may cause severe stress. “The signs really are mostly having vivid flashbacks…. Just reliving it time and time again,” Blaylock says.

“So trauma is trauma,” he adds. “Whether you experienced it on the battlefield or you experienced it in the delivery room or you experienced it in a hospital or a doctor’s office. Those things are still real. And if it affects you in such a way that you can't let it go when your functioning changes then it's very important to get help to deal with that,” he emphasizes.

Learn more about Blaylock’s story and how he navigated a path forward from trauma in this new ‘Inspiring Stories’ personal account.