Community Care Billing and Payments

Understanding Your Financial Responsibilities

As with other VA care, under the VA MISSION Act, Veterans may need to pay a copayment for care for nonservice-connected conditions when receiving care from a community medical provider.

Any applicable copayments are not paid out-of-pocket at the time the eligible Veteran receives care. All VA copayments are billed as part of VA’s normal billing process.

To learn more about VA’s billing and payment guidelines under community care, see VA’s Billing and Payments Fact Sheets:

What To Do if Contacted by a Provider for Bills/Payment

In cases where a Veteran receives inquiries from a community medical provider regarding unpaid claims or receives a bill, use the resource below as guidance.

If a Veteran: Action to be taken:
Receives a bill or has a question about a claims payments. Contact the VA C4 (Community Care Contact Center) – Includes U.S. Pacific Territories.

C4 Phone: 877-881-7618

Hours of Operation: 0545 - 1815 (Local Time Zone)
Is contacted by a community provider regarding a bill or unpaid claim. Refer the community provider to the TriWest Claims Call Center at 877-226-8749.

**This phone line is only for TriWest Network Providers**

The TriWest Claims Call Center will assist providers with how to submit claims, claims status updates, and claims denials.
Has adverse credit reporting and debt collection issues as a result of using community care. Contact the VA Adverse Credit Helpline at 877-881-7618.
Updated: 10/24/2023 11:27:01 AM