World War II Veterans Eligible for Immediate VA Care Coverage

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 14, 2023) – U.S. Veterans who served during World War II between Dec. 7, 1941 and Dec. 31, 1946, are now eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care under last year’s Cleland-Dole Act. However, application for benefits is required because VA cannot perform auto-enrollment.

The new Act, established Dec. 29, 2022, includes Section 101 which expands eligibility for care for WWII Veterans. Those who served during WWII can now apply for VA care, even if previous applications were denied due to income level.

VA care includes:

WWII Veterans not currently enrolled in VA care are ensured eligibility for VA care. Income and length of service are not approval criteria.

The new benefits are established in commemoration of the honorable military service of deceased former Senators Joseph Maxwell Cleland (Vietnam War), and Robert Joseph Dole (WWII).

To learn more about how WWII Veterans can apply for VA care, read this recent VA News item.