PTSD Screening Can Lead to Treatments for Improving Veteran Lives

PHOENIX (June 27, 2024) — National PTSD Screening Day is June 27 and is dedicated to help spotlight the importance of self-screening for common post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

PTSD is a mental health condition that some Veterans and others develop after experiencing a life-threatening or traumatic event. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) emphasizes that PTSD affects about 7 in 100 Veterans. Self-screening helps identify certain symptoms that can make daily activities seem impossible.

Veterans can struggle with PTSD in many ways, but common symptoms include flashbacks, nightmares, detachment, avoidance and feeling especially anxious.

These events can lead to a sense of hopelessness or isolation, but VA emphasizes there is help for Veterans who suffer symptoms. Easily accessible self-screening is available year-round through VA’s online screen tool. After the screening, Veterans can then reach a provider to discuss next steps.

VA also emphasizes PTSD is a treatable condition. Effective treatments and resources are available through VA providers, if needed. If you or someone you know may have PTSD it is important to access help and resources from the National Center on PTSD.

If you are currently struggling with PTSD, contact the Veterans Crisis Line for help. You can also call 988, then press 1. Support is also available by texting 838255, or if you are having thoughts of self-harm, chat online with the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline to reach a qualified responder.

For more on PTSD and available resources, this VA News item spotlights VA’s mental health support to improve Veteran lives.