TriWest Network Provider Shares Wellness Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy

PHOENIX (February 26, 2024) – As we progress through life, each of us pursues improved health and wellness in our own way. For some, it involves visiting a local gym a few times weekly. For others, it may include a vegetarian diet or time spent outside in fresh air daily.

Depending upon individual needs and preferences, maintaining health and wellness may include regular medical checkups, mental health care, yoga classes and more.

For Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) enthusiastically pursues a whole health approach to health care. The approach offers Veterans a wide range of evidence-based treatments for their unique health care needs, including options such as massage therapy, tai chi, yoga and much more.

At TriWest Healthcare Alliance (TriWest), we partner with VA through its Community Care Network (CCN) to help Veterans pursue their health and wellness goals. Our network providers offer a range of medical services and health care specialties to help Veterans improve their whole health wellness.

Sherre Bischoff is a medical massage therapist within TriWest’s provider network. Sherre is a board-certified massage therapist who has practiced massage therapy for the past 23 years. In her work, she uses medically prescribed massage therapy delivered in Veterans’ homes to help improve their quality of life and address different health issues they face.

This new Healthy Homefront® feature article spotlights how massage therapy helps improve Veterans’ whole health and wellness.